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What happened between 2005 to 2011 in the USA

On our way from Boston down to cape cod we decided to take a detour to “Fall river” – what our guide book said to be the biggest outlet shopping area in new England and MA. It’s an hour and half from Boston, but an outlet haven is and outlet haven. When we Arrived we found it very difficult to find the famous outlet park and we thought our GPS was just malfunctioning, but alas, it was correct :((
The thing is, that our book was compiled in 2005 and between then and today, well, there was the biggest recession in decades and it like wiped the whole town, all we saw were empty for sale buildings, empty malls and the only things that were open were Kmart and WalMart, full of “White trash” extremely obese old people and skinny drunken people walking aimlessly in the huge supermarket.

A very depressing sight.

All we could do is to buy some food and drive as quick as we can from there towards Cape Cod.

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