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Honeymoon trip – Canada day one and a half

After 7.5 hours flight 5 hours waiting in Newark and 2 hours to Toronto we have arrived!
6 hours sleep later we where on our way to Niagara Falls on the Canadian site , indeed an amazing place.

In order to really feel the power of the falls we took the Misty Maid boat right to the Center below the falls. It was wet and stormy.




After relaxing in the sun we took a trip to the Niagara village, which I think if you ever come around this area you should devote a day or a whole weekend to just there. Two main places to see are the fabulous “Kurtz Culinary Creations ” where you can find amazing dips, jams and chutneys. Next to that you can find “Cows” with their amazing ice-cream .



It was a shame we didn’t have more time there, but as the day came to a close we had one more thing to do – visit the Niagara college where they teach every thing about wine making and tasting, so we had to try the sweet “ice wine” which was made by the students there in, I guess, some very cold nights.


  1. July 2, 2011 at 4:24 pm

    Looks great!
    I hope you keep posting more of your honeymoon adventures. And, of course, keep having fun.

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