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Real Friends

As you know, I have been on a vacation from work (out of a job) for about 5 to 7 weeks, now as its summer time (even if it rains here in London), I spent most of my time in parties, BBQ session, Golf and all sorts, while looking  or as I say “hunting” for my next role.

Now, you might say, what is the problem? –  you worked hard so far why don’t you enjoy a little, well the problem is that with my astral sign there is nothing which is a little, and actually this was if you want some sort of euphoria or escapism.

If you ever want to destroy an entrepreneur  the best way is  to let him or her to have too much fun, create the filling that there is enough money to survive or live with comfort for the next 18 to 24 months, and take thing as they say in Kenya with “hakuna matata”. And to make it worse in my case, introduce some lovely single women who enjoy the summer time and the opportunity to wear less and less as the weather is getting warmer.

Well I admit, it really felt comfortable to be in that situation and to have the belief that everything will be ok eventually, but it was destructive for me as well, as job offers came and go, head hunters called but didn’t really delivered and in this economic situation the top earning job are much harder to get, even if you are the best person for the job (well I thought I was).

And this is the moment where you realize your true friends and .. well.. let’s say your outer circle.

See I met a lot of good people in my life and in particular since I’m living in London, But I met some people who became close and good friends, and the way you can distinct them is by the way they will interact with you when you in your “euphoria world”.

Your casual or less close friends will be happy that you are happy and will join the party, or even encourage you to party and chill more, your family and real close and good friends will appreciate that you are having fun, but will also recognize that you have entered the destructive state. Close friend who really care about you will recognize the danger and the change in you, and will challenge you or do an intervention, paint you the reality in a vivid painful but true colors, and … will reach out their hands to you to pull you out from this sinking sand back to a firm ground.

friends shake

This happened to me last week, I was slapped on the face with reality, and was pulled  by my best friends  to look at the mirror and see things as they are. I have lost my edge, my hunger to work, make money, build things and in a way my creativity and motivation. But I was lucky to have friends and family who provided me a safe and good environment to really have a  conversation about what I really want , what is possible today and reminded me what I managed to forget in just a few weeks.

The most important thing is that they managed to see the symptoms,  I became comfortable waking up at noon, spend some computer time on job seeking, but spending more time on Facebook, Twittter etc. choosing to go golfing or taking photos in the park rather then building models, concepts and yes Powerpoint and video casts. I decided that my suits do not need cleaning, my face can be shaved once a week, and eating biscuits and tea as the best food solution rather than actually cooking something.


As from this week I am the owner of a new company, yes, I have decided to be self employed again (hopefully much more successful and much wiser than the last time). As part of my treatment I took my suits to the dry cleaner, and bought some new cloths to fit my new “born again business man” status, and actually get up before 9 AM.

..and , yes party time is reduced to weekends only and with a strict budget !!!

The Phonix has rising again and hopefully you will see the results in the next few months.

And to my friends and Family – thank  you very much for being there and for what you are.. love you all.

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  1. July 10, 2009 at 10:41 am

    Obviously I’m not one of your closest friends :S When we met back in London a few months ago I thought kicking back and enjoying the freedom for a few months was part of your master plan, as we’ve actually discussed your options and you stated you might do that.

    But now I realize this was not the case and I’m happy to learn someone noticed and decided to talk to you about it.

    I wish you the best of luck with your new company. I’m a true believer in your talents and abilities.

    • abn2003
      July 10, 2009 at 11:38 am

      Amit you are one of my oldest friends, we go way back 🙂 with you around it was great to kick back and enjoy the shows and discussions. but i had to get some kicking after spending my time in an unproductive way for more then I planned to.. you know my I need to be engaged in doing things otherwise I invent myself projects that are not always good for me 🙂

      i do thank you for your friendship and the fun time we had this spring with the prodigy.

      Adi Ben-Nesher (MBCS,MSPP,MASTD,MBA)

      E-mail: abn@ben-nesher.com Phone: +44 (0) 20 8123 2391 Mobile: +44 (0) 7792940813 Skype: Abn2003 MSN: mob@ben-nesher.com Blog: https://abn2003.wordpress.com Bitwine: http://bitwine.com/advisors/abn2003

      strategy – inspiration – creativity – collaboration – innovation – scalability

  2. July 12, 2009 at 9:07 am

    Adi Hi. Congratulations for the new site http://www.bitwine.com/users/47234-abn2003?advisor=true&feedback=true&filter=1#feedback.
    Remember that it isn’t only what we want but mostly what the clients wants and why we are the ones they wanted to supply the solutions to them.
    Because you are very talented and have multi disciplines knowledge, if you dig hard enough in the surrounding needs, I’m sure you’ll find your way.
    Wish for u much prosperity and a lot of money. Bee well and keep in touch.

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