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Geisha – In Japan I met the real celebrity

Tonight I had the opportunity to experience a once in a life time event which is only reserved for a selected group of people never mind if they are Japanese or not and if they are rich or not.

Tonight my little brother and I with our tour group booked and spent one hour with a real Geisha, Now, some of you will say what is the “big deal”? Well, let me tell you why it is a big deal.


In order to see a real geisha, you need to come to Kyoto, and walk among the 5 different geisha districts here, and let me tell you if you see someone dress in a kimono walking in the street it doesn’t, make them a geisha, in the last 2 days here in Kyoto we saw a lot of “mock up” geishas walking around smoking and constantly on their mobile phone, well those are people who pay to dress up like a geisha!!

 A real geisha do not walk much in the street , they are been carried in pre booked taxi, and rarely walk in full outfit as those outfits are made of silk and cost around £50K and up and there is no way to clean it up so no chance for letting it get even a small bit of dirt.


In order to book a geisha you need to be “connected”, and i mean connected!!, you need to be known to the tea house or the boarding house, and the only way to be known is if a connected person vouch for you, and this can take a long time and ties, never mind how much money you put on the table, NO connection, NO booking (ask George bush how it feels like). Now the real connected people are invited to the “tea house”, yep you read it right you do not go to a “tea house” you are INVITED to one.

So lucky for us our guide knows someone who married a Geisha and owns a bar, therefore he is connected and he can accommodate the event, which was not cheap, as you pay for the geisha’s time (from when she leave the house and until she leaves you), transport (pre booked taxi only) and tip (geisha live on tips until they are fully qualified, the boarding house madam is usually the one who gets paid). So we all spend together about £400 to have a real geisha to entertain us for one hour and answer our questions.

This is also a contributing part for the status of the geisha which is admired world wide and this is why popular personals in Japan and world wide are feeling very privileged to hang out with geishas and to be able to actually spend time with them. So you can understand that the geishas are the celebrities of the celebrities J.


 The most amazing thing is the presence or aura if you want of the geisha. Now i know some saw the2005  “memories of a geisha” movie and  remember the scene

 where the geisha can “hook up” the tension of a man with just a look, well  its kind of true!!!  

We were sitting on the 2nd floor of our guides’ mates place drinking Saki and discussing the process of how a Japanese girl can start to become a geisha (they have to finish mandatory education so they start when they are 16 / 17) what is the different between a Geisha and a mayko (mayko specialise in dancing rather then playing and singing) and how to recognise a real one (its the outfit, and the way they move).

We had more then enough time to relax and chat as in Japan everything is on time except geisha’s I guess they are never late but just been delayed (after all they are the main attraction), suddenly a wooden “clup” “clup” noise came from below the slide door opened and the most amazing thing happened she appeared, and every ones jaws just dropped to the floor!!  

Seriously no one could speak or move their eyes from this beautiful genteel 18 years old woman dressed up in fine silk kimono, with her hair organised in a tight structure with its unique set of hair bows and clips on, and her Smile… yes her smile and charming eyes.

It’s like she had a special aura that affected us all, our eyes where wide open and so our months, yet we didn’t speak or moved for what seems to be forever. Then all the sudden a wave of camera and flash noise came from all over the room (I just couldn’t stop shooting).

We enjoyed her wit and charm, asked her questions, been entertained by her traditional dance and the drinking games she conducted while also been served saki by her.

For the whole evening my little brother had a smile from ear to ear, and it lasted for 3 days, he declared that that was the most amazing time he ever had, I think her calling him “decarpio” added some more charm for it.


All I can say is that i have experienced a special charming and good feeling that I never felt before even around celebrities and all that by a 18 year old girl who didn’t speak much, but charmed when she did, who wore an outfit that cost more then £60000 and painted her self to perfection including the 2 small lines of exposed skin on her back neck.

It was worth any penny, cent and yen I spent, and all and all she didn’t have to do much.

Amazing experience.





This post was in my draft since I was in Japan about 2 months now, I forgot about it when we travelled off from Kyoto, and just found it again now, and maybe it’s for the best as it allowed me some time to reflect on my initial thought and words. And after all this time I stick to my original thoughts – a Real Geisha is the best example of how a real celebrity entertainer aura should be.

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