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She can Walk on me all Day long

Today i have no Photos to share, as the day started with a kabuki show about a governor who was attacking someone else in the shogun house and then all his process unlit he ceremony kill hm self (well that is the jitz of it), interesting and nice but we only saw 1 act.

then my brother and I headed to the Eemperor / Royal Temple which you cannot go in but only walk around it, and as t was raining the whole day i kind of got upset and headed back to the hotel.

then…. i went to the 2 floor Spa on the top floors of ROX shopping center next to our hotel and introduced my litle brother to the joys of a proper spa with several pools, baths, relaxation area and of course MASSAGE, the amazing thing is that you can see most of the city from sitting in the outdoor warm pool.

My brother endured the Thai massage (the formal one not the dirty one) where someone is stretching and bending every part of your body, while my choice was the Taiwanese option with warm covers and a beautiful tightlady who walk over you. I`m sure my mum would correct me which one is which, as a certified Masseur, all i can say is man this was great, she poked me with her iron fingers and walked all over me releasing any toxins  had in my muscles and finished with a great head massage.

so all and all a very balanced day started grey and raining and ended up with relaxation and proper chill out.

tomorrow we leave Tokyo and heading to the country side.

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  1. March 27, 2009 at 10:04 am

    Adi and Ran shalom.
    We’ve not heard from u for two days; hope that everything is OK with u.
    Today we’ve celebrated to Noy 2nd birthday in his kindergarten and him and his parents will come this evening to celebrate again and dinner.

    Hope u enjoy your trip and taking as many pictures u can.
    Have a happy Shabbat and keep in touch.
    Much love from Mam and Dad.

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