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Kryptocronic Green Tea

dsc_1259Today some group members decided to goto the fish market, now as much as i appreciate the size of it i`m happy knowing our London billingsgate market and also i prefer to sleep at 4 AM then wake up to smell and see the fishes.

Anyway for the rest of us how woke up in a normal time together the morning trip survivors, there was a nice trip on the boat, where a cute japanesse lady was explaining everyting about the 10 so bridges we crosses and the buildings we passed, our guide (god bless) was expalning some of it in English, but i was busy eating y late breakfast and playing with my camera filters to preapre for the day.

dsc_1319we arrived  to Hama-rikyu Gardens where you can see lots of trees among them the 300 years old pine tree, but more important for me it was the tea house inside where you get a spacial foamed Green tea in the traditional manner, with a side pastry.dsc_1312

i can only say that that tea has a Strong green glow, like its made out of kryptonite, dsc_1322taste was OK, but not my cup of tea (see what i just did 🙂 ). the trip was really great and then we headed towards harajuko.. see the next post.

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  1. March 24, 2009 at 5:31 pm

    Adi & Ran shalom.
    We see that you have a good and interesting tour and mostly with cutie girls.
    What dos Ran? Is hi enjoying the tour or mostly hungry?
    What schedule you have for the next days?
    Keep safe and in touch with us.
    Dad and Mama

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