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Beautiful girls and 3 weddings

After a morning trip in the Gardens, we took a train to the Tokyo “camden” area called Harajuko,and i must say, this is where all the beautiful girl go and do their shopping so my camera was working over time, and you can see ome of the modest results here.





Then while looking for lunch i ended up in a place that was full of young Japanese girl having a break from doing their shopping, where i managed to be introduced to 2 girly dishes:

dsc_1391The princess pearl which is some kind of  a cold milk tea with a flavor (i had to try the coconut and the chocolate) with jelly balls (like gummy bears), and a wide straw so i can “suck those balls” (this is the most gay phrase i ever heard a girl telling me to do).


dsc_1409The “ice ring” ice cream, which a was a kind of frozen yogurt mix by hand on a very cold plate (-30C) with all kind of good things like areos, chocolate, pineapple etc. 



later we went to the shrine where we managed to see 3 weddings taking place the traditional ritual outfits and the whole parade, very interesting to see it all.


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